Evergreen Showstoppers Eloquently Revealed

Evergreen is now a member of the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA). Being involved in HTA’s work – particularly supporting them in the work they do on governmental projects and accessing educational resources – is very important for Evergreen’s progression within the industry. During this year’s HTA National Plant Show, Evergreen has also decided to play an active role and took a stand among the main bellwethers in the horticulture industry showcasing the plants.

HTA supports over 1500 growers, manufacturer, nurseries, garden centres, and landscapers bringing together their expertise and knowledge. It is believed to be the central voice in the industry and works in partnership with governmental agencies and industry experts. This is particularly important taken transition during the Brexit period. Its market research and data collected are continuously influencing the development of potential changes in laws and horticulture-related regulations. Members can access information through the HTA News and other resources available to members. There is also a number of opportunities for networking and collaborations. Among high quality research, conferences and training schemes there is also a wide range of discounts and even HR advice at hand. Therefore, it is crucial to make the most out of the benefits available particularly for a rapidly growing business.

Battersea’s Landscape Show is another event where ‘creatives meet to…design, source, build and maintain’. It brings together landscape architects, local authorities, interior designers and facility managers. Evergreen has also attended the show to present to other businesses why they are one of the leading influencers within the industry. Showcasing blue-ribbon products and advertising truly unique logistics and delivery services.

Evergreen’s showstoppers have proven to be rather popular during both the HTA Plant Show and Battersea’s Landscape Show. The collaborations developed since are already bringing a variety of benefits. From exchanging of knowledge to increase in Evergreen’s – as well as its clients – revenue. Evergreen believes they do have something very unique and they do give plants value. However, despite it being a business Evergreen’s employees also understand the importance of horticulture to the UK economy and our environment.