Helping to create worthy sanctuary for The Championships

Evergreen has been collaborating with The Championships for about two decades now. Martyn Falconer, Head Gardener at the Wimbledon’s Horticulture Services, said that they are always looking for ‘the wow factor’ when choosing their plants and with Evergreen they are able to get  ’an excellent customer service all year round’.

Wimbledon’s famous ‘Tennis in the English Garden’ is known for an artistic display of unique plants. They create a bespoke environment for their clients, while having a range of charitable causes at the forefront of their work. From nurturing Wimbledon bees to donating their plants to community projects like the Wimbledon Foundation and Groundwork says Martyn Falconer. Therefore, it is truly an amazing feeling to play a small part in Wimbledon’s annual activities.

Most recently, for instance, Evergreen undertook a large project that involved acquiring specific tree specimens for Martyn. ‘Wimbledon’s Horticulture Services choose Evergreen for their quality and price’ said Martyn Falconer. Consequently, highlighting that the collaboration resulted in a joint trip to Belgium, where Martyn was able to select the rare plants himself. He was rather impressed as the trees were ‘very difficult to get hold of’.

Evergreen has also been working with Martyn’s predecessors and over the years both companies have ‘established a good relationship’ says Martyn. He feels comfortable to describe exactly what he wants and values the mutual honesty when doing business – creating a win-win relationship. He says Evergreen is their local nursery and ‘if I need to pop in and get something, they are just around the corner’ saving us a lot of time.

Martyn Falconer, Head Gardener – Wimbledon AELTC Club

Efficient and personal

Howard Sanderson had used Evergreen while working for a different company many years ago. When starting his own business, he ‘knew straight away where to go’. They are reliable and have ‘quality plants’, which means he is able to deliver his work to the highest standards and on deadlines.

Howard is a distinguished garden designer. He specialises in installing gardens and roof terraces. He creates unique plant sanctuaries across many prestigious London locations – including Pimlico, Chelsea and other London locations. Howard Sanderson Gardening also maintains a number of corporate spaces in the City. His priority is to deliver prestige and pride.

 When I need to make last minute changes ‘they can quickly access the product I want even from abroad’. Howard said they are also ‘very convenient suppliers, they deliver the plants to their New Covent Garden market base so it is easy for me to pick up’.

Howard Sanderson ‘I have been using Evergreen for the last 14 years’ and is extremely happy with the service’. He describes the current relationship with Evergreen as ‘strong’ and the service they provide as ‘efficient and personal’.  Howard concluded confidently: ’I would recommend Evergreen 100%’.

Howard Sanderson

Goodness knows what would happen to our company without them

Mark Enright, Landscape Garden Company, remembers working in Covent Garden many years ago. That is where he was introduced to Evergreen – ‘they were a small company back then just like us’ says Mark. He continues. ‘I stayed with them over the years as they have always been totally reliable, very flexible and represented our interest’.

Mark is an independent landscaper who values ‘trust and efficiency’ and believes mutual support over the years helped both companies thrive. He says that ‘Evergreen has always been proactive in dealing with difficulties. They are honest people’. He continues: ‘They will go out of their way to provide the best care to my customers, and on a budget if needed’.

Evergreen has always endeavoured to provide excellent customer service characterised by their attention to detail.  Mark reflects ‘the integrity of Evergreen persisted over the years’ so he is confident the relationship will also continue to grow in the future.

‘Evergreen has always represented our interest’

Mark Enright, Owner of the Landscape Garden Company

International relationships secure our future

Squires Garden Centres have been ‘using Evergreen for many years’, therefore it was a true pleasure to talk to Jeremy Hall, the Group Plant Buyer. Jeremy has been with Squires for a few years now and he said: ‘Squires believes in quality plants and great customer service just like you guys do’. He said that they choose Evergreen for their ‘very quick’ and efficient deliveries. However, also for ’competitive prices’ and ‘convenience’ of having almost everything ordered through one supplier.

Jeremy said that their ‘plants represent 20% of Squires business’, therefore it is crucial for them to collaborate with the right supplier who understands their business needs.  Squires opened the landscape gardening business in 1936. Now the family owns 15 garden centres across London, Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex and Berkshire. They also work with children in the local community developing their knowledge and passion for gardening.

Evergreen is their ‘first point of contact’, says Jeremy. ‘It’s about their attitude, nothing is ever that much of an issue for them’. He said that he values Evergreen’s expertise and ‘established links across many European countries’. Squires view those international relationships as extremally valuable. However, Jeremy also mentioned that ‘Evergreen’s plant nursery in Surrey is attractively located’ in the close proximity to all their garden centres. This means that Squires can get daily deliveries and regular customer service support.

Jeremy described the relationship with Evergreen as ‘progressive’ and mentioned that both companies are ‘looking into opportunities for growth together’ in the future. Suggesting that Evergreen handles business with large companies rather well, and with the same attention to detail they pay to their independent landscapers.

‘Squires believes in quality plants and great customer service just like you guys do’

Jeremy Hall, Squires Group Plant Buyer

Exchanging expertise to design RHS show gardens

Evergreen has been collaborating with Cool Gardens Landscaping and Maintenance for almost 20 years. Paula Baldwin who is responsible for the majority of plant sourcing states ‘Evergreen are our first point of call’.  Evergreen deliver quality products and excellent service every time.

Cool Gardens create amazing gardens. They project manage the entire process from initial concept design, hard and soft landscaping and heavenly planting schemes throughout the home counties, London and as far-reaching as Jersey and Abuja, Nigeria. They always endeavour to use the finest materials and plants. Their knowledge and expertise in the field has brought them RHS medals for their work at Chelsea Flower Show each year and Hampton Court. Evergreen feels proud to play a small part in their ongoing success.

Paula described a situation when Evergreen staff were ‘quick and knowledgeable’ in responding to stock availability related questions. She said that they were able to immediately advise on how many of different varieties of plants to order – saving Cool Gardens time and money. ‘Their delivery is also timely and well organised’, she continued, ‘they have good procedures’ in place which enable them to efficiently assist their clients. Having a ‘very good team’ that works together is always an advantage over the competition.

Evergreen ‘fulfils all our requirements’ Paula Baldwin said. This is why they order from them in the first instance. This ‘relationship has developed over the years’ and both companies are certain the mutual support will continue to grow in the future.

‘Evergreen are our first point of call’

Paula Baldwin, Cool Gardens